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A look at an epic book launch

For years, Lina Getachew Ayenew has documented China-Africa relations and filled a critical gap for scholars, business executives and journalists. Her new book: “A Complete Beginner’s Guide to China-Africa Relations” has built on her notable track-record so far and is centred on bridging the knowledge gap that underpins one of the most important but often misunderstood relationship of the 21st Century: the Africa-China partnership.

Kente and Silk, equally enthusiastic about improving Africa-China relations, worked with Lina to host the launch of the book on February 20th 2019 at the Bookworm. This sold-out event featured over a 100 people in attendance; a moderated discussion between Lina and Joseph Mendo’o - a PhD student at Peking University; a vibrant Q&A session and dialogue with the audience, and a fun and engaging trivia where attendees could show-off what they knew about Africa-China relations and win exciting prizes.


K&S | Guangzhou Dream Factory Film Screening Review

On the 5th December Kente&Silk hosted a special screening of the award-winning documentary ‘Guangzhou Dream Factory’ at the renowned Red Rose Gastropub in the heart of Beijing.

The documentary shared the stories of several African migrants in Guangzhou and focused on the entrepreneurial drive that characterises so many of their lives. Despite some initial technical difficulties, the screening was incredibly successful, the oversubscribed event saw up to 100 guests-all-enthusiastic about exploring the narratives around African migrants in China.