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Rwanda 360 Sustainability Deep Dive

Project Details

Project Type: Cultural Exchange

Project Name: Rwanda 360 Sustainability Deep Dive

Location: Rwanda

Date: July 26th – August 3rd 2019

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For decades, Rwanda's image in the news was one of war and poverty. In recent years, it is now synonymous with fast growth, good governance, technological innovation and sustainability. Rwanda is now a leading country in Africa. However, its remarkable story in China is still not well known.

The Rwanda 360 Deep Dive co-led by Kente & Silk; Philanthropy in Motion and Seven United, aims to provide young Chinese professionals and college students a chance to understand Rwanda's rapid development and its leading international efforts to develop a green, low-carbon and sustainable economy.

Through interactive workshops, dialogues with key stakeholders, field visits and eco-tourism, we will explore the efforts being taken by entrepreneurs, civil society and the public sector to build a sustainable future. This deep dive will provide participants with:

  • A deeper understanding of an African country – Rwanda - through informative and field-based experiences
  • Insights into partnership opportunities with African start-ups
  • Skills on developing sustainable businesses and policies
  • Opportunities to apply business principles and practices in workshops with Young Rwandese entrepreneurs
Over the course of 9 days, 10-15 participants will have the opportunity to meet with young entrepreneurs, policy makers and civil society leaders. The trip will also incorporate ecotourism and field-visits to provide participants with a 360 view of Rwanda

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