Empowering Africa-China Social Entrepreneurship



Calling all Africa-China social innovators and disruptors

Kente & Silk’s African start-up pitch competition is a platform for Africa-China entrepreneurial talent to shine. Following the advancement of social innovation and a need to create solutions that help our new COVID-19 world, all competition applicants MUST enter with social impacting products or services.

If you want this unique chance to be mentored, funded, connected and registered as a promising Africa-China related business in Beijing then apply by completing the form below

Competition Prizes

The following competition prizes will be rewarded: 

  1. Beijing Africa Week Prize Fund – to be confirmed at the final as these finances are raised from the events and sponsorship of Beijing Africa Week. 
  2. A registered business at Beijing’s Haidian Pioneer Park Incubator
  3. Access to mentors 
  4. Access to Africa-China business Influencers and communities
  5. Ongoing support from K & S  – this competition was inspired by Black Livity China who asked how we can support black businesses in China. This inspired K & S to champion African entrepreneurship, as we celebrate Africa in China for Africa Week. 

Judging Criteria

Finalists will be judged on: 

  1. Social Impact – How can your start-up solution effectively solve the social problem/s?
  2. Purpose & Industry – What is your start-up’s Africa-China related purpose in the following industries Agriculture, Energy Conservation and Environment Protection, Medical & Health, A.I, Software, IT, Consultancy and Services?
  3. Market Validation – Does your start-up’s service or product have a good market fit? 
  4. Innovation – How is your start-up’s solution transforming a market and what is your competitive advantage?
  5. Strategy – What is your start-up’s value proposition and how will you deliver that to your target market for sustainable business growth?
  6. Traction – Where is the measurable evidence that your start-up’s solution/s has growth potential?
  7. Team – How do your start-up’s team dynamics and experience support your ability to deliver business goals and the mission?

Application Criteria

To apply your start-up MUST HAVE

  1. An African Founder or Co-founder that is active in the daily affairs of the business. 
  2. An African Founder or Co-founder based in China.
  3. Started less than 3 years ago/ less than 3 years old.
  4. A clear business connection to Africa/ Africans in China and/or Africa-China relations
  5. Create social impact – your business results must provide benefits to a community/ and or create well-being value for society.

The competition application deadline is on June 7th at 23:59 PM

Apply by completing this form:

Personal Details

Start-up Details

Who is your target audience? What is your social problem and how are you solving it?

How you will make revenue?