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Project Type: Event

Project Name: China Africa Stories II

Location: WeWork, Shanghai

Date: September 8th 2018

To mark the 7th Session on the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), Kente & Silk in collaboration with the China Africa Tech Initiative and the Global Shapers Shanghai Hub held our second CAS to discuss the role of young people in the Africa-China relationship and what FOCAC means for the youth.

The event featured a keynote by Hong Xiang Huang founder of China House, and Nimo Wanjau Founder of Mzinga WHO BOTH shared their personal journeys in impacting the Africa-China relationship. CAS II also had a series of interactive workshops:

  • Reporting on China Africa: Identifying embedded narratives and becoming informed led by Eric Olander, the Founder of the China-Africa Project
  • “Bridging Cultural Gaps with Common Demoninators” by Eke Co-Founder of Ukit Hub
  • “African Tech 101 – An Overview of the Entrepreneurial and Tech Landscapes across the continent” by Stephany Zoo, Founder of the China Africa Tech Initiative
And a film screening of the documentary: ‘The Amazing Race: The China Rush” with a discussion by Producer - Rachel Berkley.
Eric Olander, closed off the interactive half-day forum by reminding the 70+ member audience: “Africa China relations are at a turning point, but Africa needs help to step up its game. We need to change the dynamic of the relationship-we have opportunities, but we have to recognize that challenges too exist, and there’s a lot be done” Eric Olander, CAS II"

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