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Meet Beijing's new generation of African changemakers
By Claudine Housen | July 17, 2018
Recent years have seen China strengthening ties with African nations on the government-to-government level through various groupings – BRICS, the Belt & Road initiative, and the upcoming Forum of China-Africa Cooperation in September, to name a few.
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Young African and Chinese Thinkers Tell Their Stories
by FAN SHUHONG | May 24, 2018
China and Africa’s relationship is undoubtedly close, and has become more and more complicated. This year’s embarrassing Spring Festival Gala skit exposed that China still has quite a lot to learn about Arica.
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China Africa Stories
By Zhang Zhilong | May 19, 2018
A panel, named “China Africa stories – a new chapter of youth engagement”, was held on Saturday in Beijing, with panelists mainly from African countries,
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Africa Week Aims to Crush Stereotypes
by Kyle Mullin | May 12, 2018
African pride certainly appears to be reaching a new pinnacle in Beijing. Hot on the heels of recent Pride of Africa Awards an unaffiliated, but similarly empowering string of events is about to kick off in celebration of the rich and diverse music,
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