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Africa Week 2019

A more bold, innovative and exciting set of events to celebrate Africa in China
17th May: Art Afrik
The K&S Africa Week is BACK! And we open officially with the launch of an exhibition of contemporary African Art titled Shīfu, zhège dìfāng zài nǎlǐ? (Sir, where is this place?), which highlights our aim of increasing awareness of Africa. The exhibition will be hosted at the AC Embassy Hotel, Beijing and run from the 17th to the 26th of May. It will feature art work of Osborne Macharia, Alun Be, Megan Heilig, LucFosther Diop, Mack Magagane, Hildegard Titus, Ashley Walters, Nadi Smart, Carla Busutili, Oluwakemi Solaja, Euridice Karla, Andile Buka and Abdul Ganioul.
Click this link to register to attend the launch:: http://www.tryclearcut.com/event/CpgR8IYz
18th May: Art Afrik Watoto
A family-friendly event that helps young Chinese children learn about Africa and her peoples through African art, face painting, storytelling and an Afro-dance workshop.
Buy tickets here: http://www.tryclearcut.com/event/r7WgzAnU
21st May: Culinary Journey Through Africa
An opportunity to experience Africa’s culinary diversity. This event will feature a sampling menu of dishes from across Africa and will spotlight young African chefs with catering businesses in Beijin Co-Hosted with the Hatchery
Buy tickets here: http://www.tryclearcut.com/event/dbCWNWdJ
22nd May: A View of Africa Through Film
A film screening of the award-winning documentary Sembene!, with moderation by Bonsuk Awani featuring commentary from co-director Samba Gadjigo
Buy tickets here: http://www.tryclearcut.com/event/YhBhqN9B
23rd May: The Curators
A night featuring the curators of Art Afrik: Megan Mace and James Sserwadda, as well as special guest artists discussing the world of contemporary African art, the meaning of the various pieces and the theme of the exhibition.
Buy tickets here: http://www.tryclearcut.com/event/wJ5iTz4f
24th May: Afro-Talenta
TA night that highlights the vibrancy & diversity of Africa’s cultures. The night will feature dances, poetry, musical performances and more.
Buy tickets here: http://www.tryclearcut.com/event/KPf9p7Ru
25th May: China Africa Stories
The 3rd installation of CAS aims to tackle an increasingly pertinent aspect of the Africa-China relationship: Technology. CAS will feature engaging keynotes, interactive workshops and an insightful panel discussion all with the aim of equipping participants with the skills and resources that they require to understand the increasing role of technology in defining and shaping the relationship, the opportunities that are arising and trends to look out for.
Buy tickets here: https://yoopay.cn/event/CAStories
African Start-Up Pitch Competition
Africa Week will culminate with a Start-Up Competition that will highlight the entrepreneurship of Africans here in China. There will be 5 start-ups selected through a rigorous process and judged by a panel of expert judges & successful entrepreneurs. Winners will be given support to grow their business through mentorship, matching with incubators, training and other resources.
Click to register here: http://www.tryclearcut.com/event/BNkGialy
Project Details

Project Type: Event

Project Name: Africa Week 2019: A New Era of Africa-China Relations

Location: Beijing

Date: May 17th – 26th 2019

Africa Week 2019 will be bigger and better. Follow us to learn stay updated and contact us if you wish to partner or sponsor our events.

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