Join us to celebrate Africa in China 

July 18 to July 25, 2020

Africa Week is back in Beijing from Saturday, July 18th to Saturday, July 25th.

This year’s theme is Sankofa which means “go back and get”. The idea is to look into the past for the inspiration needed to progress forward. This is Ghanaian Twi – San means Go, Ko means – to go and Fa means to fetch.  Our 3rd anniversary will create a much-needed environment to reflect in community, sharing lessons from the past that teach us inspired ways to look ahead in Africa-China relations.

Profits generated from the week will be awarded to a promising Africa-China business at our grand final, African start-up pitch competition on July 25th.  

Beijing Africa Week 2020 Schedule

Career & Employment Boot Camp - Beijing Africa Week Edition



DUAPA Africa career boot camp returns for an extra special session that includes pertinent career development workshops and voices to help you gain experience in the dynamic Africa-China space.

Date: Monday July 20th 

Time: 14:00 to 17:00 

Location: Zoom Meeting – Link confirmed on email.


[Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to postpone this event until September 5th - you can still sign-up now and enjoy the best game a little later. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.] 

Africa-China Cup of Nations 7 -Aside Football Tournament  


This football tournament launch will bring together players and participants from Africa, China and the rest of the world to create a fun 'people to people' football tournament with African food, music, and an exciting opening ceremony.

Co-Hosted with Africa United Football Club

Date: Saturday,  September 5.

Time: 1 PM to 3 PM 

Location: To be confirmed via email

Cost: 30 RMB 

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China Africa Stories IV: How to avoid unsustainable development in Africa-China projects 


A half-day conference featuring a series of interactive workshops and talks providing both African and Chinese students and young professionals an opportunity to explore their role in the Africa-China relationship and opportunities for impact. Co-hosted with China Africa Tech Initiative

Co-Hosted with China Africa Tech Initiative 

Date: Tuesday, July 21st

Time: 15:00 PM to 18.00 PM 

Location: To be confirmed via email


Professionals - 100 RMB 

Students - 50 RMB 

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Joseph, the film - viewing & discussion with the Directors

On May 23rd 2020, we partnered with Black Livity China for the successful webinar " Facing Neither East Nor West, But Forward". It featured deep dialogue with Dr.Arikana ChihomboriQuao, Dave and Marcia Weekes on African Unity, Identity and Agency using media and other tools.

Now we will show Joseph, The Film, followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers.

Co-Hosted with Black Livity China

Date: Wednesday,  July 22nd.

Time: 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM 

Location: Camero Stylo, 64 Dongsi Shiyi Tiao Dongcheng District 东城区 东四十一条64号

Cost: Free 

Spaces are limited. Register here.

Optional Raffle: 30 RMB 

Don't Touch My Hair - Africa-China Haircare sagas


This event will take a unique look at the fascination and beauty of African and black hair - it's influence on Chinese millennials through music and the sense of identity it resonates among Africans and the African diaspora. A night of talks, African hair product spotlighting, drinks and networking.

Date: Thursday, July 23rd.

Time: 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM 

Location: 3/F, Rm 80, Courtyard 4, Gongti Bei Lu 工体北路4号机电院 80室3层科技寺滚石店


Professionals - 100 RMB 

Students - 60 RMB 

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By the Fireside - A heart-warming night of words and wonder

This event celebrates African traditions of fireside-style storytelling, poetry, spoken word, live music performances and more. This will be an intimate night to share sounds and stories creatively.

Curated & Co-Hosted by Mystic

Date: Friday, July 24th.

Time: 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM 

Location: The Great Outdoors

12 Fangjia Hutong
Dongcheng District
东城区 方家胡同12号


Professionals - 100 RMB 

Students - 60 RMB 

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GRAND FINALE: African Start-up Pitch Competition


Africa Week will culminate with a Start-Up Pitch Competition highlighting the social entrepreneurship of Africans here in China. There will be 5 start-ups selected through a rigorous process and judged by a panel of expert judges & successful entrepreneurs. The winner will be rewarded with the Africa Week prize fund, business registration and all finalists will gain valuable access to mentors and a relevant business network.

Come to witness the social innovation in-action and network too. 

Date: Saturday, July  25th

Time: 1 PM to 4 PM 

Location:  To be confirmed via email 

Cost: 30 RMB

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