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changing the status-quo of Africa-China relations
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Our Story

Behind the Name

Kente is the traditional cloth worn by the Royal household of the Ashanti Kingdom, is symbolic of the wealth, rich tradition and culture of the Ghanaian people and by extension Africa. Silk with its historical trading routes and economic importance, gave China strong trade, historical and cultural ties with the rest of the world.

These two items are thus individually imbued with great historical relevance and symbolism to Africa and China; combined they are representative of the links between the two.


Despite significant relations between Africa & China and the potential of win-win partnerships, the current relationship is imbalanced, defined by:
  • Limited cultural understanding on both sides, and limited meaningful people-to-people engagement.
  • Dominance of low value-added products/natural resources in exports from Africa to China.
  • Limited African agency.
Our Solution
Kente & Silk aims to change the status-quo of Africa-China relations through a holistic and bold approach:
  • Rebranding Africa China through events and experiences that deepen participants understanding of Africa-China Relations
  • providing strategic advisory services to build impactful partnerships between China and Africa
  • Introducing products value-added in Africa to the Chinese market.
Our Journey So Far

In May 2018, Kente & Silk launched Beijing’s first-ever Africa Week: a week-long celebration of Africa in China. Our aim was simple to promote positive engagement of Africa in China. And over the course of the week, we engaged with over 650 people, and held a series of cultural, discursive and innovative events. Proceeds raised throughout the week went to the winner of Beijing’s first-ever Africa Start-Up Competition: Nani’s Creations to support it grow as a business in Beijing.

Since our beginnings in May 2018, we’ve grown. We’ve hosted a range of events from: Africa China Tech for Social Impact (ACT SI) to film screenings, book launches and an African jazz concerts. Kente & Silk has also provided strategic advisory services to African start-ups – helping them navigate the complexity of the China opportunity.

We are building on the success of Kente & Silk’s Beijing Africa Week, our wide range of events and impactful advisory services. We hope you’ll work with us as we drive towards a new era of Africa-China relations

Our Core Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Zahra Baitie is a Sino-Africa scholar and consultant. Educated in Ghana, the United States, and China, she considers herself a globally minded-citizen with a pan-African spirit.
Her work has focused on institutional building, strategic planning for governments and private actors, designing youth employment, industrialisation, agricultural development programs, and supporting investment facilitation. Fluent in Mandarin, Zahra has spent extensive time living and traveling across China and is driven to improve Sino-Africa affairs.



Born to a family of Sierra Leonean creators and innovators, Miatta has over 10 years of unique media business experience.
As an MBA graduate, from one of the world’s leading business schools – Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, she uses clear business objectives and data driven marketing, to improve robust Africa-China engagement. Within two years, she has managed business development and marketing responsibilities for a range of small ground-breaking start-ups, and large enterprises in China.



Mikka Kabugo was born and raised in Uganda and moved to China to pursue a medical degree and is currently enrolled at the Peking University Health Science Center.
Mikka possesses great leadership and administrative skills and while he was President of the Peking University African Students’ Association (PUASA) showed great experience in team building, management of work flow, human resource management, streamlining of financial records and sensitivity to diversity and multiculturalism.


Our Support Team

K&S Communications Intern

Graduate student at Beijing Foreign Studies University majoring in International Communications. She is passionate about international affairs and willing to make contributions towards it.

Hua Xiaolu
K&S Communications Intern

K&S Communications Intern

Graduate student at Beijing Foreign Studies University majoring in International Communications. Her dream job is to be a reporter and has experience working at Reuters News Agency and Caixin Media as an intern journalist.

May Qi(齐小美)
K&S Communication Intern

K&S Media Content Creator

Zimbabwean born, Bachelor graduate in Economics at Beijing Union University. Currently studying Chinese language. Passionate about working in bridge building ventures between business, people, and cultures.

Charlotte Mutusva
K&S Media Content Creator

K&S Event Coordinator

She holds a BA (Hons.) in Media Studies from the University of Witwatersrand . Born and bred in Soweto, South Africa. Currently an English Teacher in Beijing . She loves gathering people all in the name of uplifting and embracing Africa. ‘Spreading Ubuntu’.

Nompumelelo Mdluli
K&S Event Coordinator

Who We’ve Worked With