Kente & Silk

The Africa-China relationship is one of the most important partnerships of the 21st century.
However, despite the achievements & potential of the relationship, challenges remain:
limited cultural understanding, trade imbalances and insufficient African Agency.
Kente & Silk aims to change the status quo of China-Africa relations and drive towards a new era of Africa-China partnerships.

What We Do

We are changing the status quo of Africa—China in three ways:
Rebranding Africa in China
We host innovative events that promote African culture, art and businesses. Our events enable meaningful connections between Africans & Chinese, and a richer understanding of Africa in China.
We enable African stakeholders strategically engage with China through consulting, market research and partnership development. Our products support increased African agency.
We work to rebalance Africa-China trade by supporting the entry of premium African products. We believe products “Made in Africa” should have a market in China.

Our Track Record

We’ve been bold and have successfully executed on our vision for a new era of Africa-China relations.

Why Kente & Silk?

We are driven by a team of talented young Africans and Chinese pioneering a new era of Africa-China relations. Together we are:


Our team is comprised of individuals with a wide range of skill sets and expertise in consulting, financial analysis, stakeholder management, marketing and entrepreneurship


Our team is made up of individuals from an array of cultural, national and educational backgrounds. Our multi-faceted perspectives push us to collaborate with a wide range of actors and to infuse cultural nuances in our work.

Passionate & Dynamic

Young, innovative and engaged we are determined to be proponents of change and work towards realising greater mutually beneficial engagement between China & Africa
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What people say?

Organizing such an ambitious, rich and diversified program in Beijing is certainly not an easy task. I confess that when I first saw your project I had doubts that it would be possible to realize it, but you did and you excelled! Not only did you put it together but you also managed to involve a huge number of people from the African communities, people of African descent, Chinese and other nationalities.

H.E. Tania Romualdo, Ambassador of the Republic of Cape Verde to China

What people say?

Kente & Silk put on an incredible event (book launch of The Complete Beginner’s Guide to China-Africa Relations) with an insightful speaker on a topic too often left out of the limelight – as was evidenced by the queues out the door! Highly recommend those in the Beijing community to keep their eyes peeled. Kente & Silk are on to something here…

Elliot Miles, Communications Manager, Center for China and Globalization

What people say?

It has been a pleasure to work with K&S – you guys have exceeded my expectations and the scope of work we agreed on. I am very excited for K&S and all the work you are doing – you guys are doing a fantastic job so far

Lina Ayenew, CEO of Education for Ethiopia

Upcoming Projects

Africa Week 2019
23rd May 2019
Africa Week returns in 2019 with an even more innovative set of events. The week will feature African fashion shows, 3-D art installations, African theatrical performances and a marketplace to celebrate and promote African businesses. The aim remains the same: promote Africa in China. Learn more.
Rwanda 360 Deep Dive on Sustainability
July 2019
9-day deep-dive into Rwanda's sustainability ecosystem to provide young Chinese professionals and students an opportunity to learn about Africa from a first-hand experience. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss sustainable development policies with government official.
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We are currently working with our partners and sponsors for the next event.

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